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document Communication chip on the SunDash units
When it is determined that the communication chip has failed in a Sun|Dash tanning bed, a replacement can be installed by following the directions listed. Turn the power off to the Sun Dash tanning unit. Locate the main power board.  This is the...
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My bed won’t start with the T-Max Manager remote system The tanning bed first be set to a unique address, see Remote Connections in your manual. The bypass or terminator plug may be installed in the series in an inappropriate location. 
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When using a T-Max 1A my tanning bed won’t function properly        SunStar Bypass plugs or terminator plugs may be needed if the T-Max 1A and the tanning bed are over 100 feet apart.  Install the plugs in the open remote port in the tanning bed and the...
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document ETS Units: WhiteSun Velocity 918 misc. information
’04 Velocity                 When standing in front of the unit, head end is on the right and foot end is on the left.  The keypad display has a red emergency stop button and if someone would press this button...
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document General Information: Communications Chip
In general, communications chips are the same.  Most communications chips are manufactured to an industry standard that allows equipment from various manufacturers to interface with a common controler.  Please consult with the manufacturer's for your tanning equipment for...
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document General Information: ETS Two Button Timer Parameter
The only parameter you can change on the two button timer is the bed address. To check the address press the red button first and without releasing, immediately press the green button and hold both for 3 seconds. You should get a dot and a number. (A...
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document General Information: Freight Damage Policy and Claim Procedure
JK|Products and Services is not responsible for shipments received damaged that are not noted as damaged when signed for. Please inspect all shipments from JK|Products and Services for damage both to the packaging and the the contents.  If damage is found, have the damage noted before...
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document General Information: Order Return Policy and Procedure
The following policies apply to new parts purchased from JK Global Service via sales, support, or service representatives as well as by electronic means. 1. Parts are guaranteed to be free of defect or damage for thirty (30) day from the date of purchase. Warranty claims...
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document General Information: Parts Return Policy
Return Policy: All returns must have prior approval for return to JK for exchange or credit.  All parts must have a Return Authorization Number and it must be printed clearly on the outside of the package used to return the parts.  Any part shipped without proper authorization or...
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document General Information: What type of communication (com) chip does my timer need?
Both Intelitan and TMax timers use the same communication chip.  This is true regardless of the type of Intelitan timer or TMax timer.
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document General Information: How do I provide feedback on JK products, quality, or services
We welcome your feedback on our products, quality, and service. Please let us know how we are doing and how we can better serve you in the future. You may choose several ways of communicating your opinions to us: Our support website located at Just click...
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document Issue: Intelitan CCS Controler (or TMax Manager Pro) is not communicating
If your Intelitan CCS (or TMax Manager Pro) is not communicating, the following instructions can be used to diagnose the problem: 1.  Verify that parameter five to a unique value on each bed. Parameter five is used to define the station address. Each tanning unit connected to...
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document Issue: Network Problems and Power / Timer Boards
YES At times a bad power board or timer in a salon's network can cause problems. Units can drop off the network, not show up at all, or even appear / disappear. At times the unit might run fine off the network but when added cause problems to return.
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document Issue: Tanning unit displays "Cool" as status on CCS controler
In regards to the Intellitan Timer Control Module, the Passion/Flair/Sundash, or the Sunrise Series, parameter 18 (1.8) has been set incorrectly and should be reset to 0. 
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document Issue: Unit starts immediately/ Changing Auto Start Mode
If the session delay parameter has not been set, the tanning unit will turn on immediately once a command has been sent from a control device (such as a computer or interface unit).  The unit will also immediately start if the user presses the start button once a session time has been...
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document Issue: Ergoline Classic Series unit will not start but Intelitan timer will count down.
There are two principal reasons for this error to occur: The timer is malfunctioning and not sending a signal to the unit to start. The easiest method for testing for this issue is to swap the Intelitan timer with another Classic series unit. or There is a failure...
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document Network Setup: Intelitan T-Max compatability configuration
For proper operation of your unit with a T-Max based network you must set the following parameters on the intelitan timer: P005          should be set to the correct room number P027         ...
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document Software: SunLync Software Information
Sun Lync Select offers a total software solution including extensive implementation assistance that will allow you to network multiple salons, control your business from your preferred location with real time information, and reduce non-value added activities while maximixing your business...
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document T3a and SIP timer
You will sometimes have to send the max time of the controller to p20 via the ccs4 or manager then rescan. (Example send 20 mins. to p:20)
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document Transformer 230v-24v
The input should be in the range of 230 to 240 volts AC. The secondary out is 24 volts AC. The transformer has a rating of 200VA For additionall assistance contact your local branch, distributor, or the Global Support Team at 1-800-445-0624
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