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document Are plugs BU 29, 68, and 74 used in the SOLTRON Hot Pepper?
The mentioned plugs are not used in the SOLTRONHot Pepper.   
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document Breaker Tripping at End of Tanning Session
Check for a bad effect lighting ballast. If the ballast was to short the breaker would trip when the relay that controls the ballast was engaged. For additional assistance contact your local branch, distributor, or the Global Support Team at 1-800-445-0624
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document Buck Booster Wiring
If you will go to the Dongan web site at  This will show you downloads of the wiring diagrams for single and 3 phase dongan.
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document Can I operate my Ergoline 450 on single phase electricity?
Yes. In order to operate an Ergoline 450 on single phoase, you will need a 60 amp breaker. See attached documents for phase conversion instructions.
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document Can the Ergoline Excellence 850 / Soltron Shark be installed in single-phase applications?
The Ergoline 850 and the SOLTRON Shark cannot be configured to be installed in single-phase applications. The required supply for the Excellence 850 is 70A 3-phase service. The required supply for the Soltron Shark is 60A 3-phase service.
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document Dr. Muller Parts List
Dr. Muller Parts List with SE item number, QDM item number, description, and list price. "JK Products & Services, Inc. does not own, sell, service, or support "Dr. Muller" indoor tanning equipment and the owner's manuals provided are not generated, published, updated, or warranted by...
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document E121 thru E124
E121 Sensor must be calibrated This system message is generated because the sensor has to be calibrated every 30 days. The system message also appears when ta  new sensor has been installed. After the sensor has been calibrated, the message can be reset. E122 Sensor...
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document Error Code: E060
The E060 error code indicates that there is a problem with the facial tanner in the side section of the unit. This error may be caused by one or more situations. To eliminate the error, check the following: 1. Insure that the facial filter glass is installed correctly. 2. Determine...
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document Error Code: E132
E132 : System message : start-up inspection of the UV source. This system message is shown when the output voltage of each switched conductor / relay is not connected to the start-up control PCB. Possible error sources: (1) Defect of the PCB start-up control (2) Defective...
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document Error Code: E141
E141 : System message: Malfunction main conductor does not switch off The relay for the main conductor does not switch off although the additional and main controller have turned off. Possible causes are: (1) Wiring problem (2) A relay of the Input/Output PCB may be...
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document Error Code: List of Error Codes for Ergoline Evolution Series units.
There are many reasons for a tanning unit to display error code(s).  While most error codes can have more than one cause, there is usually a cause that occurs 'most often'.  A list of error codes and a brief description of their most common cause can be downloaded from the...
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document Error E102 - Power error in safety chain - OS 1050
OS1050 displaying error E102 and unit ill not operate. Please confirm power to the tanning unit to verify that proper voltage is being suplied. Please confirm the display board is not display random or odd characters. This error may the result of a loose wire or poor electrical...
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document Error E142 appearing on Open Sun 1050, Kwi King, and Ergoline Sunrise, Passion, Flair and Soltron equivealant series and its Soltron equivelant.
Error 142 can appear on the tanning system for the following reasons: Power being suplied to the tanning system is incorrect.  Check power on relays located inside the control panel located on the back-panel (right-hand side if you were standing in front of the unit). ...
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document General Infomation: Wiring Color Scheme
The Wiring Color Scheme in Ergoline and Soltron units is as follows: High Voltage:            Brown            Black            Violet Low...
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document General Information: Do I need seperate neutral and ground connections?
No. Do not tie your neutral wire and ground wire together.  Not only is this an unsafe practice but it can, and will, interfere with proper operation of your tanning unit (now and in the future). Only install your tanning unit where there is both a ground and neutral wire...
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document General Information: Ergoline Classic E600 Avantgarde Phase Conversion
Yes, you can operate an Ergoline Avantgarde on single phase electricity. However, when using single phase, the unit requires an 80A 3-pole breaker. See attached document (including photos) for details on Avantgarde phase conversion.
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document General Information: Freight Damage Policy and Claim Procedure
JK|Products and Services is not responsible for shipments received damaged that are not noted as damaged when signed for. Please inspect all shipments from JK|Products and Services for damage both to the packaging and the the contents.  If damage is found, have the damage noted before...
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document General Information: Lamps not meeting life expectancy
First, troubleshoot to make sure that the problem does not lie with the starter (if unit has starters), lamp holder, or ballast. Secondly, check your voltage! High voltage can cause premature lamp failure. Next, contact the company you purchased the lamp from to make sure you were sent...
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document General Information: Order Return Policy and Procedure
The following policies apply to new parts purchased from JK Global Service via sales, support, or service representatives as well as by electronic means. 1. Parts are guaranteed to be free of defect or damage for thirty (30) day from the date of purchase. Warranty claims...
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document General Information: Parts Return Policy
Return Policy: All returns must have prior approval for return to JK for exchange or credit.  All parts must have a Return Authorization Number and it must be printed clearly on the outside of the package used to return the parts.  Any part shipped without proper authorization or...
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Contraindication: This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years. "Contraindication: This product must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present." "Warning: This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer." "Warning: Persons repeatedly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly evaluated for skin cancer.