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Issue: Unit starts immediately/ Changing Auto Start Mode

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Last updated: 11 Dec, 2012
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If the session delay parameter has not been set, the tanning unit will turn on immediately once a command has been sent from a control device (such as a computer or interface unit).  The unit will also immediately start if the user presses the start button once a session time has been entered.

The default value for the session delay is zero, meaning there will be no session delay.  This parameter is changed by entering parameter mode and editing the value of P004 to a maximum of ten (10.0) minutes. For more information on this parameter, or instructions on how to enter parameter mode, please consult your owner's manual.

If you are operating your tanning units via a salon management software, the values set for the session delay in the software should equal the value set in parameter P004 on the Intellitan timer. If the session delay value in the salon management software is lower than the value set on parameter four on the Intellitan timer; the salon management software may report that the tanning unit is on even though the tanning unit is actually off after its session delay expires.

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