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ETS Units 2002 and Newer: Error 93

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Last updated: 03 Jan, 2013
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ERROR 93  The bed is on when it should be off

               Current sensor indicating unit is on when it should be off.

If you see lamps on:

This is usually caused by a stuck contactor relay. If you cycle power to the unit and the lamps immediately turn back on, then you have a stuck contactor relay. Sometimes you can get away with rapping on the top of the contactor with the handle of a screwdriver or a small hammer and the contacts will release themselves. You would only do this with the breaker flipped off to the tanning unit. If this doesn't cause the contacts to release then you will need to replace it.

There is also the possibility of the outputs on the main timer board could be bad and it is constantly sending out a signal to turn the lamps on. You would need to have a service person check for this with a digital volt meter. If the timer is bad, you will need to replace it.

If you do not see lights on:

There is a wiring issue somewhere in the unit that is causing a power current draw and the current sensor is picking up on it. You will need a servicer to locate it.

You may also just have a bad timer that is throwing out false error codes.

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