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ETS Units 2002 and Newer: Restore Factory Default Settings

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Last updated: 03 Jan, 2013
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If, for whatever reason, you need to restore your factory default settings you will want to set the bed address to 255 and cycle power to the unit. You will need to refer to the manual for your bed for the instructions on how to manually address your bed using the on bed controls. Before you change the bed address you will want to take the bed off of your T-max network and cycle power to it.

  • Take note of what your current bed address is when you begin.
  • Using the instructions in your manual for changing the bed address, set the address to 255. (100 for the HP1000)
  • Save the bed address and cycle power to the tanning unit.
  • When the bed boots back up it should now be addressed at ID 1. Change it back to the address you started with.
  • Hook your tanning unit back up to your T-max network

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