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ETS Units: No display on my bed or I see 8.8. on the display

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Last updated: 03 Jan, 2013
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If the display was not coming on/lighting up in 2001 and older Starpower units, you need to verify that the serial cable is connected from the component tray to the canopy.  2002 and newer units now have an RJ-11 cable that goes from the tray to the canopy for display power.  These cables are always in the rear of the unit more towards the foot end of the bed.

The display board actually gets it's power through the serial cable/phone line that is connected to the main timer board. If the display is not lighting up and this cable is installed, then you may have an issue with either the display, the main timer or the cables that connect them. If it is a phone line, you should be using a standard RJ-11 phone line with 4 wires in it.

Display reads 8.8 =Commercial/Digital unit from 1997 thru 2001 models this means you need to try the below:(excludes 2001 Sundome XL48)

If your timer is indicating an "8.8" in the display then troubleshoot it using these steps below:

  • Check the voltage coming into the bed. Voltages below 190 VAC may cause problems.
  • If the voltage is correct, then we need determine if the display or main timer is causing the problem. To do this, first disconnect power from the unit then disconnect the wire harness for the display from the timer. 
  • Now re-apply power. If timer board alarms the problem is the display. If there is no alarm the problem is the main timer board.

Commercial /Digital unit from 2002 through present models this means you need to try the following:(excludes SV24S series, SV28LE series & Sundome 448/548)

8.8 The first thing the display does upon unit power-up is the show 8.8. It is a diagnostic to show that all the segments of the 7 segment LEDS are operating. Normally this is only displayed momentarily. To get past the 8.8 the timer systems' display must communicate with the main timer. Either the main timer or the display can be the fault for this lack of communication. If you have another bed that uses this same display or main timer board, you can swap between the units to see if the problem follows one part or another.

You can also try the following:

  • If your bed has the main timer in the ballast tray underneath the bed, you can pull the endcap off of the end of the bed by removing the 4 screws that holds it on and disconnecting the phone line from the back of the display.
  • Remove the lid from the ballast tray to expose the main timer board.
  • Bring the whole endcap with the display in it down to the tray with the timer board in it.
  • You should notice a phone line that comes out of the main timer board and makes its way towards the back of the tray to a phone line interconnt piece.
  • Disconnect that phone line from the place it is plugged into on the back wall of the inside of the tray, and plug that end directly into the display board. If you get a 0 on the display then the main board and the display, along with that short phone line, are all in good shape.
  • Then test the long phone line that goes behind the bed by using it to make a direct connection between the main board and the display, if you get 0 again that cable is also good and it may be one fo the interconnect pieces for the phone line that is bad. otherwise if you go back to 8.8. that phone line was the culprit and needs to be replaced.

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