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ETS Units: WhiteSun Velocity 918 misc. information

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Last updated: 03 Jan, 2013
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’04 Velocity

                When standing in front of the unit, head end is on the right and foot end is on the left.  The keypad display has a red emergency stop button and if someone would press this button in, it trips the internal circuit breaker killing all the power to the unit (Decorative Lamps at both ends shuts off and Display).  (’04 or ’05 Velocity).  This circuit breaker can be found in the front component tray toward the foot end down by the CD player/hour meter. The main timer board is located in the front ballast tray also more toward the foot end of the unit.

’04 or ’05 Velocity

                If the unit is shutting off earlier than what it should, put in stand alone mode and see if problem still exists.  If so, go to the backup timer which is in the front component tray towards the foot end.  Located the tall plastic piece with a dial on the top labeled as (0-3.0). Unplug the backup timer from the base and look at the underneath of the backup timer and verify that the small switch is turned to 60Hz and not 50Hz.

’04-’05 Velocity

(If the unit goes off/shuts down and the circuit breaker is not tripped then you would need to check the thermocouples at the head end of each column or the micro switch for each filter glass.) (’04 Velocity only) You can bypass the micro switches one column at a time(to narrow down situation) by taking the two wire plugs and unplugging them from the thermo couplers and plug the black wires with red female spade connectors directly into both sides of the thermocouples(run unit). If this still doesn’t work take the two black wires with the red female spade connectors and unplug from the thermocouple and wire together one column at a time(run unit to narrow down situation).

If you have lamp/s out you need to swap/check the lamps themselves and or the igniters.  The igniters are located under the parabolic reflector which can be removed via the two screws holding it in place. You may also check the fuse/fuses for that lamp/lamps in the front or rear ballast tray depending on which bold/bulbs are out.

RJ-11 connector is located at the foot end rear of unit and a bypass plug needs to be installed when power is applied to put the unit in “stand alone mode” you can verify this if you watch the display as power is coming on the unit(states stand alone.) If the bypass plug is not installed when power is applied unit will come up in (T-MAX mode).  If hooking up the T-MAX 3A and RJ-11 remote interface kit these are in the startup kit sent with the unit.  You would need to use the RJ-11 cable into the port on the back of the unit and the other end into the cream box.  Then you would need to extend wires out from the (’04 Velocity green and yellow) (’05 red and black) screw terminals to the back of the T-Max 3A to the “J3” set of contacts.  Once all the connections are done then power up the unit and verify that the display shows “T-MAX MODE”.

’04 Velocity

                If you don’t wish to use the CD-ROM and use an external audio supply you would need to use the velocity’s audio adapter which is a 6-din plug with two RCA jacks on the end.   Then plug the receiver/audio supply wires to the RCA jacks on the audio adapter.  Notice if you plug in the audio adapter then this will bypass the use of the CD-ROM.

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