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ETS Units: HP1000 "Display has lost communication with BCM Controller"

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Last updated: 07 Jan, 2013
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Display has lost communication with BCM Controller

When the HP 1000 is installed, the installers must connect a series of computer network cables between a series of circuit boards in the unit.

These must go in a specific order: BCM Board (the small board in the back tray), Audio Board (large board in back tray) then it goes to an interconnect that leads to the middle tray. The other side of the interconnect goes to I/O Board 1, from there to I/O Board 2, and from there a long cable leads up to the head end Y tower to the display.

Each board has a communication chip on it and they are all in constant communication with each other. As you can see above, the BCM Board and the display are on opposite ends of the line and are always talking to each other. As soon as that line of communication is broken, you should see this error code: "Display has lost communication with BCM Controller".

There could be a circuit board that has gone bad or a connection on one of the network cables has come loose. Reset the breaker to the unit once just too see if the error code goes away and the problem fixes itself. If it does not, Look at the BCM Board in the back ballast tray. There are a total of 4 LED lights on it, 2 red and 2 green. Watch the green lights. As you look down on the lights from above, the one on the left will blink once. After a second or two, The other LED will blink 1,2,3, or 4 times. Depending on the number of blinks you see this will tell you where to begin looking for a bad board or connection issue.

1 Flash: I/O Board 1
2 Flashes: I/O Board 2
3 Flashes: Display Board
4 Flashes: Audio Board

Check for Connection issues and that no dust is on the board that could be causing a short out of the board or some type of communication interference. If everything physically looks ok and you have checked your connections then you may need to replace a component based on what the BCM Board is telling you is the issue.

If the BCM board is not blinking any lights at all or all of the lights are lit up, then the BCM Board may be damaged adn need to be replaced.

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