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ETS Units: SS755 Excessive Beep Volume SRV0001

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Last updated: 09 Jan, 2013
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Subject: Excessive Beep Volume Number: SRV0001

Applicability: SunScape 755

Elite 755

Date: 7/15/04

Symptoms: Even though the music played over the unit's speakers seems soft the alert beeps and button press beeps are excessively loud.

Explanation: The unit contains an internal amplifier to give the tanner control over music volume. The amplifier also controls the beep volume. One of two scenarios may occur:

1. When the music source is very low, the volume in the sunbed must be raised to overcome the noise of the unit. In this case the beep volume is also elevated.

2. The unit allows the user to control the volume of the beeps in relation to the music level through parameters. If the parameter controlling the beeps has been changed the beeps may seem overly loud.

Solution: Scenario #1 - source volume too low

Your sunbed accepts stereo inputs through two types of hook-ups, line level RCA type jacks and speaker level inputs (see illustration below). If possible, use the RCA inputs. Your stereo source must have "Line Level" or "Auxiliary Out" connections similar to the RCA jacks on the black box. Using the RCA inputs eliminates the volume control of the stereo source,allowing the sunbed amplifier more control of the music.



If you must use the speaker level inputs, hook-up the stereo source and turn it on. Apply power to the sunbed. With the stereo source playing, without the sunbed running, adjust the volume of the source to a comfortable level. Do not adjust the volume from the sunbed keypad. This will give you the best sound through the sunbed. If this does not correct the problem, follow the scenario #2 procedure and then adjust the source volume accordingly.

Scenario #2 - beep volume parameter changed Disconnect the unit from T-Max, if necessary, and wait 90 seconds to get the bed in "stand alone" mode. Press and hold the STOP button for approximately five seconds to enter the settings mode. Using the face tanner up and down buttons, scroll through the screens until you get to "#1 BED ADDRESS". Use the body fan buttons to change the address to 255. Press the STOP button to exit the settings mode. Disconnect and reapply power to the unit. By setting the address to 255 and cycling power the timer returns to factory default settings. The address will now be 1. Reset the address to the correct number if needed and reconnect to the T-max chain. NOTE: The beeps may also be adjusted through parameter 32 using a T-Max Manager series remote system. Refer to Setting Operating Parameters in your sunbed user manual.

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