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General Information: Setting TMax or Intelitan Mode on SunDash Units

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Last updated: 29 Jan, 2013
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To complete this process follow these steps after disconnecting the unit from the network:

  • Disconnect the tanning system from your network.
  • Press the up and down buttons at the same time until the colon (:) goes away.
  • Press the reset button once, display should start flashing.
  • Scroll up using the up button to "0102".
  • Press the reset button once, display should show "0002".
  • Press the start button once, timer will enter into parameter mode.
  • Scroll up to "P027" using the up button for time.
  • Press the reset button once, display should start flashing.
  • Press the up or down button for time once to change the setting to the desired value (0000 for Intelitan or 0001 for TMax).
  • Press the reset button once to save.
  • Press the start button once, the board will reboot and go back to "00:00".
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