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Error E102 - Power error in safety chain - OS 1050

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Last updated: 13 Mar, 2013
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OS1050 displaying error E102 and unit ill not operate.

Please confirm power to the tanning unit to verify that proper voltage is being suplied.

Please confirm the display board is not display random or odd characters.

This error may the result of a loose wire or poor electrical connection.

The additional safety board (PN 1500802-XX) is located in slot 1 in the electronic box.

Check power between the following - pin 9 and each of the other pins on Plug X02_1.  You should receive 25VAC.

Check Power between pin 9 on Plug X02_1 and each of the pins on plug X02_4 (no need to measure pin 1).  You should also get 25VAC between each pair

If you don't have 25VAC on any of the pins above see page 19 of the OS1050 schematic for plug reference at which you should confirm continuity between pin 9 on X02_1 and a pin on the corresponding plug..

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