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Issue: Tanning System immediately goes to dirty mode when Start button is pressed

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Last updated: 21 May, 2013
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A tanning system that is equipped with an Intelitan 3-button timer and shuts off immediately at the beginning of a session may be experiencing an issue with one of the following:

1.  The timer may be responding to a voltage on the network that is be perceived by the unit as an instruction to end the session.  This may be resolved by removing the green wire from the network connection to the tanning system. 

2.  The software on the TMax Manager Pro may not be fully compatible with the software on the timer for the tanning system.  This is most common with TMax equipment that is several years old and may be resolved by updating the software on the TMax Manager Pro.

3.  Verify all settings in any connected computer system/software are correct for the type of unit. 

While it is possibe for this to also be a defect of the timer it is unlikely.  Most issues are resolved with one of the procedures listed above.

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