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General Information: Lamp Life Expectancy

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Last updated: 11 Dec, 2012
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* Most manufacturers will have a rated life time for lamp they make. This information should be given to you at the time you purchase your lamps. Most lamp distributors have that information readily available. If not, ask them to contact the lamp manufacturer for you. Or, you can call them yourself.

* The rated lifetime figure is based on laboratory tests. It is a number that is arrived at through testing under the most ideal of conditions. In salon settings, there are variables such as voltage, room temperature, proper bed maintenance, etc., that will affect the actual useful hours on a tanning lamp.

* Do not rely on the manufacturer's rated lifetime to know when to change your lamps. We recommend that you change your lamp at approximately 80% of whatever the manufacturer tells you. For example, Brand X is rated by the manufacturer to last 1000 hours. Change them around 800 hours.

* Please keep in mind that factors such as inappropriate room temperature, too much or too little voltage, and improper bed maintenance will affect how long your lamps will last.

* In conjunction with the lamp hours, use a UV meter to determine when to change your lamps. Please see our UV Meter FAQ for more info on how to use a meter.

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