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General Information: Freight Damage Policy and Claim Procedure

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Last updated: 29 Dec, 2012
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JK|Products and Services is not responsible for shipments received damaged that are not noted as damaged when signed for.

Please inspect all shipments from JK|Products and Services for damage both to the packaging and the the contents.  If damage is found, have the damage noted before signing for the shipment. 

If you shipment is received damaged and it was noted by the carrier at delivery please contact our logistic department to file a claim for freight damage within 24 hours of reciept of the damaged goods.  If the damage is to a complete tanning unit, the model and serial number will be needed to process your claim.  Additionally, in many cases pictures of the damaged item(s) and the packaging (in the state it arived in) will be required by the carrier before honoring a damage claim.  Logistics can be reached by clicking on this link.

If the shipment is received damaged and it was not noted by the carrier at delivery then you will need to contact the carrier directly to report the damaged shipment.  Any easement awarded for the damaged shipment is subject to the policy and procedures of the carrier.

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