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General Information: Lamp Compatability

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* Most states are required by either their state regulatory office or by the FDA to use either the original lamp that came in the tanning unit, or a compatible replacement.

* Compatibility is set by the FDA guideline that states the following: -The replacement lamp's output must be within +/- 10% of the OEM (original) lamp.

-The replacement lamp cannot alter the exposure time of the equipment.

-The replacement lamp must have the same melanogenic and erythemic effect as the original lamp.

* There may be dozens of lamps that you can technically use in your equipment. In other words, they will fit, they will light, and they will tan. But that doesn't make them compatible. In order for them to be compatible, they have to meet the above requirements. Your inspector will need proof that they do. This can be found on compatibility sheets.

* Compatibility sheets must list your original lamp as being compatible with the replacement that you have chosen. Either the manufacturer or lamp distributor can provide you with the compatibility sheets if one did not come with your lamps.

* On the sheet, the numbers and letters on your original lamp must be identical to the numbers and letters listed for your original lamp on the sheet. The same is true for the numbers and letters for the replacement lamp.

* Not every manufacturer publishes compatibility sheets.

* Some companies only publish compatibility sheets that list other lamps that they make as compatible replacements.

* If you are unsure about whether or not a lamp is compatible, you can do the following:

-Contact your bed manufacturer for info on the original lamp in your unit.

-Contact the company that you purchased the replacement lamps from. Request compatibility sheets that they have on your lamps.

-Contact your state or FDA inspector if you have any doubts.

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