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General Information: Reflector Lamps

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Last updated: 11 Dec, 2012
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* RUVA is a lamp that has a special reflective coating inside the lamp. They generally have a lower UVB percentage, such as 2.6.

* Other lamp manufacturers designate that their lamps have built-in reflectors by using the letter "R". If it just has an R, that usually means that the lamp is a reflector lamp with a higher UVB percentage.

* Lamps with reflective coatings direct most of the UV rays directly onto the tanner. They intensify the tanning session.

* The most obvious cases in which a salon owner would require a reflector lamp is when the equipment's original lamp was a reflector. In this scenario, the tanning unit was designed for use with reflector lamps. Replacing them with a non-reflector lamp will alter the type of tan, the performance of the unit, and the length of the session time.

* Some salon owners choose to replace their original non-reflector lamps with a reflector lamp in order to provide a more intense tanning session for their customers. This may alter the original session length, so many states cannot use reflector lamps.

* If you are in a regulated state, always be sure that the reflector lamp is compatible with the original lamp in the unit.

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