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General Information: Malfunctioning Lamps

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Last updated: 11 Dec, 2012
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* Lamp ends glowing: replace starters.

* Flickering: usually caused by failed starters; replace.

* Swirling: caused by impurities in the lamps. Run the unit through 2 or 3 sessions and they should disappear.

* Orange or other colored "streaks": caused by air leaks through cracks which sometimes occur during shipping. Replace the lamp.

* Dark ends: check your lamp holders. A certain amount of darkening will occur with any lamp. Normal darkening occurs within approximately aninch on the end of each lamp. This is completely normal; there is no effect on either the performance of the lamp or the tan.

* Holes in phosphor (coating): cosmetic defects that have no effect on the tanning ability of a lamp.

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