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Error E142 appearing on Open Sun 1050, Kwi King, and Ergoline Sunrise, Passion, Flair and Soltron equivealant series and its Soltron equivelant.

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Last updated: 21 Dec, 2012
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Error 142 can appear on the tanning system for the following reasons:

  1. Power being suplied to the tanning system is incorrect.  Check power on relays located inside the control panel located on the back-panel (right-hand side if you were standing in front of the unit).  Confirm each phase has adequate power to power tanning system
  2. Confirm the connections on all PCBs are securly positioned and all wires are properly positioned in the connectors
  3. Use Service PC to confirm the value for "Test running time" parameter is set to zero.  Sometimes the system changes the value and you will have to reset the value.  "Test ruuning time" parameter is located under the "Operating Parameter" tab in Service PC
  4. In Open Sun 1050 / Kiwi King a failed I/O board can cause this error as well as a failed display pcb
  5. In Open Sun 1050 / Kiwi King if the error appears when Start/Stop button is pressed (during session delay), replace "Coin Box" PCB
  6. Should erro E142 occur on SUNRISE  series or its Soltron equivelant, the Main PCB must be replaced
  7. In Passion/Flair  and their Soltron equivelant a failed Main Board may cause this error
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